CRBN Pickleball Paddle Lead Tape Strips


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Many pickleball players apply lead tape on the rim of their paddles to increase the weight and generate more power. Pickleball players add lead tape to pickleball paddles in order to gain certain benefits, which vary based on where you place lead tape.
  • Maximize your power and spin with the ability to completely customize the balance and swing weight with our lead tape for pickleball paddles.
  • Increase the size of the sweet spot by placing weights on the sides of your paddle
  • Our extra strength 3M adhesive offers superior stickiness and durability, ensuring the lead tape stays securely in place on your paddle.
  • The strips are coated with our logo so you’re never coming in direct contact with the lead.
  • No more scales or complicated measurements – Experience exceptional accuracy with our high-density 3-gram lead tape, allowing you to finely adjust your paddle’s balance to your same specifications every time.
  • 12 pre-cut adhesive weight strips are USAP tournament approved and ready to take your game to the next level.
  • Each strip is 5 x 1 cm, 3g each, 12 weights total
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CRBN Pickleball Paddle Lead Tape Strips
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