Diadem ICON V2 Pickleball Paddle


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Introducing the highly-anticipated ICON v2 Pickleball Paddle.
DIADEM’s latest evolution of our awardwinning IconStill utilizing high grade Japanesesourced carbon fiber in a thin frame, this paddle is the power player’s ultimate weapon. While traditional power paddles are usually stiffer and unforgiving, the Icon v2 incorporates several technical features to eliminate harmful vibration making it the most comfortable, arm friendly power paddle Diadem has ever produced.

In its core, we have included our 3xL Core combining two PP honeycomb pieces, each with an 8mm density, joined together with a middle layer of proprietary film that dampens vibration on impact. Power is easily accessible, but comfortable control is available.

The Icon v2 face uses our RP2 Technology, which was pioneered by the concept Vice paddle launched at DIACON 22. It utilizes our proprietary two component polyurethane coating combined with grit paint to create a longlasting and spin friendly face.

Finally, the Icon v2 takes on our Flex Stabilization (FS) System Technology, originally used in our tennis rackets, that utilizes a high-density foam injection around the outer edge of the paddle. This FS System blended with our Core Molding System not only makes this paddle more stable, but also increases the active sweet spot.
Perfectly balanced and beautifully designed with a sleek but protective replaceable edge guard, Icon v2 players will have the power to control the court against their opponent and look good doing it!

Diadem ICON V2 Pickleball Paddle Specs:



Icon v2 Standard


Icon v2 XL (Extended Length)


8.0 oz

8.25 oz

Length16 in16.53 in
Width7.6 in7.23 in
Thickness13.7 mm

13.7 mm

Honeycomb Density8mm PP + Proprietary Film + 8mm PP

8mm PP + Proprietary Film + 8mm PP

Balance235 mm240 mm
Grip Length5.25 in5.5 in
Grip Size4 1/8″4 1/8″
Weight8 kg








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Diadem ICON V2 Pickleball Paddle
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