Selkirk 4D Knitted Protective Supports (Knee)


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The Selkirk 4D Knitted Protective Supports were engineered specifically for Pickleball to provide protection and stability on the court.

Support Features:

4D Force:
Dynamic stretch in four directions to manage multi-directional forces, reduce muscle vibration and provide compression.

3D Reinforced Knit:
Creates a scarf fold around the joint to maintain the correct position and structural stability.

Compression Release Zone:
Targeted de-compression where pressure is not required for performance to increase comfort.

Vapor Vent:
Highly breathable knit keeps body temperature optimal.


Knee Support:
Xross Bridge Patellar Anchor
Maintains stability of the patella during extreme deceleration phase running to the front of the court. Extends all around the back to provide 360-degree support.

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Selkirk 4D Knitted Protective Supports (Knee)
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