VELOZ Quadra 16mm Pickleball Paddle


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The revolutionary Veloz Quadra 16mm is the new pickleball paddle with a seamless 360° carbon fiber wrap. This innovative edge-less design creates Dynamic Tension when the ball is hit, producing an extra large sweet spot and providing a whole new level of control, drive, and touch.  Plus, it’s forged under pressure and heat, curing for over 3 hours —for a consistent surface with maximum friction. At a 16mm thickness, this Veloz paddle will bring excellent stability and touch in the short game. This traditional wide, rectangular silhouette delivers a large lateral sweet spot.  Many players prefer this paddle type because it provides greater maneuverability everywhere on the court.


  • 4-ply 360°carbon fiber wrap for Dynamic Tension™ and extra-large sweet spot
  • 8mm professional-grade honeycomb core for lightweight durability
  • Forged under pressure and heat for a continuous surface treatment with maximum friction 
  • Handcrafted 1-piece construction means no energy transfer to elbow or shoulder
  • Edge guard protects the paddle against abrasions
  • USA Pickleball listed and approved 


At Veloz, we’re committed to making the best, highest performance pickleball paddle available. Most mass producedpickleball paddles are created by gluing sheets of carbon fiber or fiberglass only to the front and back of the paddle before a standard rail guard is glued in place. This creates a compromised “sweet spot” and a railed edge that can effect a ball’s trajectory if struck off center.

Each Velozpickleball  paddle is hand crafted using the highest grade carbon fiber and component materials. Each paddle is multi layered with a proprietary carbon fiber strand orientation, and is “360-degree wrapped”  to create continuous dynamic tension around the entire paddle. Unlike most railedpickleball paddles, Veloz paddles are inserted into an aluminum mold and placed under extreme, heated  pressure for 3 hours to properly cure and deliver a consistent surface treatment time after time. There are over 7 hours involved in producing a singlepickleball paddle. We’re confident you’ll feel and enjoy the Veloz difference after the first time you play. 


Length: 15.75”
Width: 8″
Thickness: 16mm
Weight (with rail guard) : Range 8.00 oz – 8.5 oz (Average 8.2oz)  
Average Length of handle: 5.4″
Circumference of handle: 4.25″ 


Veloz pickleball paddles are made of the highest quality material and are guaranteed for life from any manufacture’s defects under normal use. Eachpickleball paddle is quality controlled by an embedded tool mark, identifying when and where each paddle was produced.

The precision tools that create ourpickleball paddles are machined to precise surface measurements, creating consistent results with every paddle. Paddles are cured for up to 3 hours in an autoclave oven at 140+ degrees, to ensure the most precise surface detail.

Durable graphics are applied and surfaces are rechecked with USA Pickleball-sanctioned equipment to ensure total compliance and maximum performance.

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VELOZ Quadra 16mm Pickleball Paddle
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