About The Founder

Courtney Loughridge is deeply committed to nurturing the junior pickleball community. For two years, she tirelessly sought tournament opportunities for her son, Jack (@Jack_pickleball), who found himself competing against adults due to the lack of options. Her daughter Lily, a competitive swimmer who enjoys pickleball recreationally, also didn't have an avenue to participate with others of similar age and skill level.

Drawing from her background in community programming and non-profit development, Courtney embarked on a mission to address the unmet needs of parents like herself. She created NJP as a supportive community where players, from beginners to advanced, can compete against their peers in a friendly environment and share their passion for pickleball.

Sponsors and partners

Our Mission

NJP ignites young players' passion for pickleball through a supportive tournament format and inclusive environment, so they can thrive on and off the court.

Our Vision

NJP envisions a future where pickleball brings joy, growth, and connection to youth across the nation, fostering teamwork and empowering every child to reach their potential.

Our Values

NJP values integrity, fostering community, and passion, encouraging junior athletes to pursue their dreams with dedication and heart.

The NJP Tournament Experience

Here are some key features of the NJP Tournament experience:

Round Robin Play

Brackets are grouped by similar skill level and age


Swag & Prize Wall

Free swag with the opportunity to win prizes (paddles, hats, bags, etc.)


Medal Play

Top 3 winners of each age/skill division will receive a medal and podium ceremony


Beyond the Courts

Connect and create lasting memories. Network with potential partners/sponsors

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